Each year there is an audition that is held in the spring for the USF Sundolls. 18-24 young women are selected for the upcoming years squad.  The selected members are expected to perform at all football games and basketball games throughout the year along with participation in many other opportunities around campus and Tampa Bay.  It is suggested that squad members take a light load in the Fall.  Commitment is expected through the entire season, which ends in April.  This includes no break for Thanksgiving or Spring Break and only have a short Christmas break.  If you have any issues with this, please do not tryout.  For those girls who may need a year of training, we have started and appearance team.  You must participate in tryouts and be asked to participated in this team.  You will be interviewed and the judges will pick approximately 4-7 young women.  


All team members are required to attend practice during the week.  The team is also required to attend weekly workouts with the Athletic Department two days a week.  Practices will begin one week before school starts in August.  Practices will be on Sunday, Monday Wednesday. (6-9) Once football routines are learned and basketball is organized, Sundays will be deleted from the practice schedule.   Because of the conflict with games and appearances, you are not allowed to take night classes.


 June 2016

Some members will be invited to attend All Pro 3 Dance Camp.  This is a professional dance camp, so member who have proved themselves as quick learners, will be allowed to attend.    The camp is in Atlanta, Georgia.  We typically fly, so you must be in Tampa on Thursday before we leave on Friday. 

 July 2016 One week before photoshoot:  Game Day Prep

The USF Sundolls attend a home camp.  We will practice 4 day's in Tampa (Tuesday-Friday) with the photo shoot on Sunday. 

August 2016 (the monday before school starts) 

Report for 2 a days: if you are a freshmen moving into a dorm, you will need to get permission to move at a different time if your move in date/time conflict with practice 9am to noon and 1pm to 4pm.


Typically the team does not travel to away football games, however if the football team invites them to a game they will go.  Also if the football team is selected for a bowl game a selected group of girls will travel to the game.  All expenses are covered for such trips.

In March the Sundolls have an opportunity to travel to the American Conference Basketball Tournament.  All expenses are covered for that trip.