USF Sun Doll Auditions


Tryouts dates for 2015-2016 Squad

April 17, 18 and 19, 2015

Although we try to accomodate everyone, there will be conflicts.  We are sorry if you have a conflict but you MUST be at tryouts Friday, Saturday and Sunday to Audition.   Thank  you for your understanding.  We cannot allow anyone to leave early for Prom or other issues that may take you away from Tryouts.  

Please download the application and the liability waiver (see the tab above)   The application has a list of items you need to bring with you! You must have Health Insurance to Audition and be a member of the team.  We need a hardcopy of your card so please come with a PAPER COPY FOR OUR FILES.

scroll down to red section to check mandatory dates

IF you are planning on Rushing for a Sorority, you are encouraged to Rush your freshman year and audition for SunDolls your sophomore year. Once you are a SunDoll you cannot Rush in the fall because of the new initiation time commitment that is in conjunction with Football, Basketball and Competition practice.  You may however, rush in the Spring. 

Please also have a 4 - 6 8 count of dance ready. Your style.. We will put on music and allow you to dance (time constraints do not allow for you to use your own music).  We may or may not use this for a cut.  Veteran SunDolls, please come with a new 4-6 8 count of dance.  No old material is to be used. 

Academic Acceptance to USF

If you have not yet applied and been accepted to USF: 

Prospective students may easily apply on line by going to . We strongly recommend that incoming Freshmen apply no later than September/October of their senior year and if you have any concern, you should apply for the summer semester as that can sometimes increase your chances. If you are an out of state student and accepted for the summer, taking an on-line class might be an option if you can't move to Tampa until the fall.

What to do if you have applied but have not been accepted:

If you have applied but have not been accepted (either you have not gotten a response or you have been deferred to Spring) by March 1st of your senior year, we may be able to help.  We cannot help you if you have applied after Christmas and not received a response.  This will allow us to do a preliminary evaluation of your skills and confirm your academic standing and potential for acceptance. We also recommend that you regularly check your admissions status on line to be certain that they are not waiting for information from you. You may also set up an appointment with admissions counselor to review your potential.  If you have exhausted all of your options and are not admitted as of March, 1, you may send the Spirit Coordinator, Lori Moses,  your GPA (weighted and unweighted and test scores) , home address and social security number . 

What:  2015-2016 USF Sun Doll Auditions

Where: USF Sundome Corral GATE D

When:  Friday – Sunday April 17, 18 19, 2015

The University of South Florida Sun Doll Program is pleased to announce auditions for the 2015-2016 season will take place Friday, April 17 through Sunday, April 19, 2015. We are looking for approximately 20 girls.  To be eligible to audition you must be a current full-time USF student with a minimum GPA of 2.0, a newly admitted transfer student, or incoming freshmen.  In all cases dancers must provide proof of enrollment and a GPA or a copy of an official letter of acceptance to USF.  Please email me if you have been deferred.  

Sun Dolls will dance for football, men’s and women’s basketball.   You will have mandatory workouts in the strength and conditioning facility, be required to participate in appearances, and other duties set out by athletics.

You will be evaluated in the following areas:  Sidelines (pom)  High Kicks, Jazz, Hip Hop, fitness and overall impression.  We will possibly have a spirit squad and a competition squad, so do not let techique keep you away. Cheerleaders are encourgaged to tryout.

Friday: April 17, 2015  6:00pm – 9:00pm:  SunDome  GATE D (right side entry door)

Registration is at 5:00

Audition:  $40 cash (please bring correct amount as we will not provide change.  Please also bring your own pen to complete paperwork) Most important, we need a hard copy of your insurance card.

Saturday: April 18, 2015, 10 am - complete: (we will break one hour for lunch 12-1)  please do not request to leave early!

Sunday. April 19, 2015 9 am - complete:  Gate D SunDome( we will break one hour for lunch 12-1)  Announcement of 2014-2015 Squad and team meeting immediate following.

Day 1: Participants will be taught a hip hop, jazz and pom routine (many people get concerned at this point)  We just want to see your skills and what you are your strong points.   

Day 2:  Participants will be asked to strut across the floor, show personally choreographed routine (4-6 8  counts),  taught a pom (sidelines),  hip hop and jazz routine.  Cuts will be made throughout the day.  

Judges will score individuals on their appearance, performance and technique.  The personally choreographed routine will be to music that we chose.

Day 3: 

If participants make it through day two, there will be given an interview time the following morning from 9 – 12.  You are required to dress professionally (business casual). Interview scores are based on ability to appearance, communication skills, enthusiasm, and a team oriented attitude. Cuts may be made after the interview

Final Cuts:  Participants will be asked to perform in different groups to ascertain their style coordinates with returning members.  Please note that we may have a team for sidelines and a team for nationals, you may be on BOTH teams if you meet the requirements.  Depending on your skill level, your placement will be determined after auditions.

Judges will be looking for work ethic, motivation at all times.  Judges may offer critiques and/or advice throughout the weekend.  SunDolls week look like the following: Practice on Sundays 6-9, Mondays 6-9, Wednesdays 6-9, 2 workouts per week, appearances and Games:  Average time per week for any Spirit Squad member is 20-25 hours.  If you must work or rush your rookie year, you should re-evaluate your decision to tryout and the time commitment is extensive.

The Sun Doll squad will be posted approximately one hour after the final decisions are made.  Please be patient as it may take some time for the judges to deliberate.

What to Wear to Auditions:   1/2 top with jazz pants or boy cut shorts: spanks type (You may bedazzle your top) Dance Sneakers and/or jazz shoes.  Hair and makeup should be performance ready. 

What to bring:  Letter of acceptance or USF ID, Application form, Head Shot, Resume, Physical, Medical Waiver and Hard Copy of Insurance Card.(if you are enrolled at USF, please bring a copy of your GPA).  RETURNERS MUST bring a Headshot and application form. YOU MUST BRING A HARD COPY OF YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE CARD!  Anyone without health insurance  will not be allowed to audition. 

Sideline-Dancers will be taught basic chants pom,(sidelines) at auditions.  You will be asked to execute these skills in a mock game setting.  Judges will be evaluating your motions, cleanliness, energy, crowd appeal and crowd leading ability.  Strong motion and motion placement are essential, you are a studio dancer and do not have strong sideline skill, you may be placed on the competition squad only.

Hip Hop-A short hip hop routine will be taught at the pre-audition clinic.  You will be required to demonstrate this dance throughout the audition process Saturday and Sunday.  Judges may call you at anytime and decide which aspect of the audition process they would like to see you perform.   We understand that everyone master all of the skill required so we do have auditions for basketball season.

Jazz-A short jazz routine will be taught.  You will be required to demonstrate this dance.  Technical aspects in this routine my involve, jumps, leaps, turns, kicks, fouette’s and tumbling (optional) throughout the audition process Saturday and Sunday.  Judges may call you at anytime to decide which aspect of the audition process they would like to see you perform. IF you are a cheerleader, do not be discouraged by turns and fouette’s. We are looking for great pom motions, showmanship and that collegiate look for football.

Strut- You will be asked to move across the floor.  Judges will be looking for appearance, attitude, posture, projection, extension, flexibility, overall impression.

High Kick- You will be asked to perform basic high kicks to determine flexibility, precision and high

TRYOUT Schedule (subject to change)

       Audition Day 1: Friday 6pm–9pm REGISTRATION AT 5:00

1.      3 hours teach fight song and a jazz and hip hop routine.    

2.     Bring:  Bring all items (with the exception of pre audition rules) You will not be allowed to tryout without all items.  Also, please read the time commitment below so you understand before attending tryouts.

3.      Dress;  1/2  top, boycut bloomers or jazz pants, dance sneakers or jazz shoes.  You should have full make up and hair, so your first impression is positive. Look at pictures of the SunDolls to determine the collegiate look we are searching for. 

Audition Day 2: 10am - until 

1.      Go over time commitment and rules

2.      Strut across the floor

3.    Individual choreography

4.      Cuts


1.      Fight Song

2.      Jazz

3.     Hip Hop

4.     Cuts

Audition Day 3: 9am-until (interviews) and 1pm –until final squad:

1.      Interviews

2.      Hip hop, jazz and sidelines

3.      New squad post

New Squad meeting (mandatory)


Prior to auditions we ask that you please be sure that you are fully committed to the Sun Dolls.  Prior to announcing the team, there will be a meeting to discuss the time commitment and rules.  The season runs for almost the entire year.  Practices are 3 times per week plus mandatory workouts 2 days per week.  Select Sun Dolls may travel to away football games, a bowl game, and conference basketball tournaments.  You will have to attend events Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.  Athletic events are mandatory.  In addition to practices and games, there are mandatory workouts 2 days per week, appearances and various fundraising events.  While being a USF Sun Doll is extremely rewarding, it is a serious responsibility.  Please do not audition if you cannot commit fully to the entire season.  Practice Schedule is Sunday and Monday Wednesday.  YOU MAY NOT SCHEDULE NIGHT CLASSES AND IT IS SUGGESTED YOU TAKE YOUR LIGHT LOAD DURING THE FALL.  Please note that if you must work and want to be in a sorority, you will not have time for SunDolls.  You will be interviewed for your committment.


Summer Commitment: 2015-2016 squad

All Pro 3:  June 26, 27, 28  2015 (leaving Friday and returning late Sunday night) Vets and some approved rookies

Home Camp:  July 7-11, 2015

Photo Shoot  July 12, 2015

2 aday's :  August 17, 2015

Mandatory 2 day practice starts Mid August .  DO NOT SCHEDULE ANY NIGHT CLASS UNLESS YOU ARE A GRADUATING SENIOR.  WE HAVE PRACTICE FROM 6-9 MON/WED.  WORKOUT TIMES HAVE NOT BEEN SCHEDULED AND WILL BE 2 DAYS A WEEK.  REQUESTED TIME IS MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAY EARLY AM. It is suggested if you make the squad to take a light load in the fall.  We are busy every day in the month of November.  You will get a small Christmas break and no Thanksgiving break.   If you have intentions of only being a part of the spirit squad for football and not baskketball, please do not tryout.  This is a annual commitment!


Squad Members will get a youtube code with information that must be memorized before the first practice.  You will received sidelines and may receive your camp dance (hip hip, jazz and pom).  When  you come to practice in July, you must know these routines.  Athletes have walked in and not known them and been released.


I look forward to meeting you.  If you have any questions please address to:  Lori Moses


                               If you have questions please call 813-416-8098