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 Congrats to our USF SunDolls Alumni whom are dancing(ed) the NFL or NBA:  

Tampa Bay Bucs

Alex,  Allison,  Alyssa,  April, Baranese,  Cori,  Jessie,  Janai,  Kendall,  Tessa, Brittany, Kayla and Lindsey, Ariana, Emma 

Jacksonille Jaguars  La’Farrah Davis

Orlando Magic Dancers

  Priya,  Liliana,  Bethany, 

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader:  Courtney 

The Sundolls are the premier dance team for the University of South Florida. All members are full time (12 hours or under grad and 9 for graduate students)  students with an interest in supporting USF athletics thus they participate in community events such as local hospital visits, charity events and campus activities. The Sun Dolls perform on the sidelines at every home football game at Raymond James Stadium and during the Winter/Spring season, the Sun Dome is their venue to dance at Men's and Women's basketball games. 

 SunDoll Appearance Team

 For girls that may need a year of training or do not have the time commitment necessary for the field team,  we have the option to participate in the appearance team.  You must come to tryouts!  We will have initial interviews Friday night and final interviews on Sunday.    You must be asked to come to the final interview on Sunday.  The majority of commitment is in the fall with a minimal amount in the Spring:  Majority of the appearance team duties for football and a small percentage of basketball games (the larger ones)  will consist of recruiting, handing out posters and taking pictures during the game and handling appearances.  You will complete approximately 10-14 appearances per year. Please follow all instructions for Friday registration and tryout clothing.  


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